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Houston Tint Shop

Sunblast Custom Tint
Ben the Tinter
Professional Solar Control Specialist & Tinter
Over 20 years of installation experience
WF Certified Tint Installer

Houston Tint (SouthWest)

Premium quality window films with 2ply non reflective films, HP auto tint, ceramic films and paint protections films along with alarms.

Sunblast Custom Tint
Tint Shop in NW Houston
Around 610 & Hwy 45

Xpert Tinting & Alarms
Tint Shop in SW Houston
Cars, Homes, Retail, Trucks, SUV's Glass Tinting Services & Alarms

Auto HoustonTint Texas

Spring, Texas
(Houston/ Spring Auto Tint Shop)

Auto Tint Houston & Spring, Texas
Need an auto tint shop in Houston, Harris county, Spring Texas?  If so, contact Mingo at Suncap Auto Tinting that is located in Spring, TX.  Mingo's tinters have 25 years experience tinting cars and will do it right the first time with life time warranty films that won't ever fade purple.  Contact Houston Tint Shop today to get your free quote.

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Buy Tint Direct
Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, Misssouri, Nebraska, Illinois

Houston, Texas auto tint shops will install premium quality window films on your cars, suvs, trucks, vehicles, homes & office buildings.  Block the UV rays, heat & glare.  Call them to get your professional tint quote.

How much can you save with window film in Texas?  A lot!  Save up to 15 kWh per square foot of clear glass per year.  Translation, save about $2.00 per sf of glass per year.  A commercial building with 2,000 SF of clear glass can save over $4,000 per year on a/c energy bills. 

To learn more about how to get your own energy analysis at no charge
Fill out an energy audit form.

Auto tint Houston shop for all your tinting needs for your car, truck, suv, home & office.  Call Houston tint shop @ Xpert Tinting & Alarms for more information on how much heat you will block with their premium films in Houston, Texas TX. Auto VLT (Visible Light Transmittance) window films include:

  • 5% Limo Tint - Dark Shade
  • 20% - Medium Shade
  • 30% - Light Shade
  • 40% - Light Shade
  • 50% - Very Light Shade
  • 70% - Very Light Shade
  • 85%  - Crystal Clear Transparent Shade

Residential Films

  • Neutral
  • Solar Bronze
  • Dual Reflective
  • Mirror Silver

Safety Films (Shatter Resistant Window Film)

  • 4 Mil Clear
  • 4 Mil Silver 15
  • 7 Mil Clear

Hurricane season begins June 1.  Protect your windows 24/7 with shatter resistant window film that keeps glass shards together.

WF Distributors
Southern Car Tint Supply
1447 North Loop East Freeway
Houston, TX 77055

Atlantic & Midwest Car Tint Wholesale
1220 N Price Rd, Suite B
St. Louis, MO 63132

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