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Wholesale distributor of Tint & Window Film Tinting
When you car / vehicle needs tinted windows to block the baking hot sun, contact the professional tinters that do it right the first time in Saint Louis, MO; in the US Midwest.  Auto tinting services at affordable prices.

Auto Tint Shops  - STL, St. Louis, Missouri, Midwest
Saint Louis Xpert Tinting Recommendations
Wholesale Supplier for Tinting Materials & Tools
1220 N Price Rd #B Wholesale Tint Supply
Saint Louis, MO 63132 (Olivette)

Info on tinting services & local tinters available in Midwest

Premium quality window films with 2ply non reflective films and HP auto tint.  Special orders for ceramic films when you want to "ligthen up" & let all the light in, but not let in the damaging UV Rays or excessive heat.  Available in 50%, 70% & 85% visible light transmittance (VLT)

In Houston, your local tinthouston tinter is:
Xpert Tinting & Alarms
Auto Tint Shop in SW Houston
Cars, Homes, Retail, Trucks, SUV's Glass Tinting Services & Alarms

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A recommended solar control specialist will be provided

If you are in Michigan, contact:  Grand Blanc Tint Shop @ 248.225.1008
Surrounding Michigan cities, towns & townships inlcude: Flint Michigan, Swartz Crrk, Mundy, Lake Fenton, Holly, Groveland, Hadley, Athelone Williams, Linden, Flushing, Davison, Attica, Goodrich & Detroit, MI.

Grand Blanc, MI & Flint auto tint shop will install premium quality window films on your cars, suvs, trucks, vehicles, homes & office buildings.  Block the UV rays, heat & glare.  Call them to get your professional tint quote.

How much can you save with window film in Michagan?  To learn more about how to get your own energy analysis at no charge
Fill out an energy audit form.

Car tint Grand Blanc shop for all your tinting needs for your car, truck, suv, home & office window film needs.  Call auto Michigan  tint shop @ Eric's Tinting for more information on how much heat you will block with their premium window films in Grand Blanc, MI. VLT auto window films include:

Home & Commercial Window Films

  • Ceramic 50%, 70%, 85% 
  • Neutral 20%, 35%, 50%
  • Dual Reflective 5%, 15%, 30%, 40%
  • Solar Bronze 20%, 35%
  • Silver Reflective 15%, 30%, 50%, 60%
  • Grey Reflective 5%, 10%(silver out) 20%, 35%
  • Safety Films 4 mil, 4 mil sil, 7 mil shatter resistant window film

877.989.3456 Tel.#
For a list of recommended tinters in Saint Louis
 For Tinting services for your car, truck, suv, home, & office
HP Charcoal, NR Charcoal, Nano Ceramic, Alarsm, Paint Protection
Supplier with years experience with window tinting glass windows
Auto Tinting School & STL Window Film Academy

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