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AmericanTintEmporium.com Provides Premium Quality Auto Tint, Architectural Window Film & Tinting Tools at a Affordable Prices!

Block the baking hot sun, stop the UV, enhance the look of glass and stay cool with window film.  We have over 20 years of experience in the window film industry and we pride ourselves on providing customers with the best-quality products and personal service at wholesaler prices. We supply automotive tint, residential tint, commercial tint, and safety tint; along with a full line of the latest tint tools and tinting supplies. You will find everything you need on our website to produce top quality results again and again...

Products offered at Tint Emporium include:

  • Auto Tint
  • Residential Window Films
  • Commercial Window Film
  • Shatter Resistant Window Film/ Safety Guard Products
  • Decorative Films
  • Tinting Tools

We look forward to doing business with you for years to come.

Types of automotive tint:

  • Non Reflective (NR) 2ply Window Film
  • High Performance (HP) 2ply Window Film
  • HP Metallic 2ply Auto Window Film
  • Ceramic Window Film

Automotive window films come in the following Visible Light Transmittance (VLT):

  • 3% 5%  Limo Tint
  • 10%, 15%, 20% Medium Tint
  • 30%, 35%, 40%
  • 45%, 50% Light Tint
  • 60%, 70%, 85% UV & IR Films

Buy Tint Direct
Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Houston, Arkansas, Kansas, Misssouri, Nebraska, Illinois, Nebraska, Dakota, Michigan, Wisconsin

Buy Tint Direct
Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas
Misssouri, Nebraska, Illinois, Nebraska, Dakota
Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi

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Contact us at:  tint@tintemporium.com

Popular Tinting Tools for Professional Tinters & Installers:

  • Olfa Knife
  • Red Dot Knives
  • Olfa SS Blades
  • Fusion Squeegee
  • Blue Max
  • Bull Dozer
  • Stroke Doctor
  • Tinting Hard Cards

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